Thursday, February 3, 2011

Torres to Chelsea - A Load of Bull!

"Fernando who?" could be heard muttered amongst the broad Scouse accents around Anfield after a victory that was more about relief than anything else. A proud team with a distinctive history would once of expected a comfortable win against the team from the potteries Stoke City, but last night's performance was a statement that the history would not just be a thing of the past and future glories could be gained after a traumatic period for the Red's.

Luis Suarez's first goal on his debut for the club after being introduced as a substitute ensured the points and provided breathing space, allowing the volume from the Kop to finally vent their passion, and a new belief in the new era under "King Kenny" a beloved son of the club recently reinstated as manager after the unfortunate tenure of Roy Hodgson.

Of course, another (adopted) son of Liverpool had just left by the back door, a nice fat cheque being delivered to Anfield in compensation. And maybe most surprisingly it was quickly spent as a young and currently injured Andy Carroll joined Suarez to bolster a long stuttering attack.  N'gog and winger Kuyt were never the men required to fill The Kid's often crocked boots and I for one can only see this as a good piece of business, however obscene the fees involved.  The Uruguayan is up there with Torres in most areas of his game except in the air and Carroll will help him out there.

Chelsea's purchase however stinks of another money monger flexing his muscle in an already exaggerated market, a misfiring team who had mysteriously dropped off the pace since Ray Wilkin's obscure departure.  Every player seems off the pace and bringing in Torres, who can't make the Spanish national starting team remember, is often injured for long periods and can be seen to sulk when things aren't going well may not be the answer. Anelka, Drogba, Torres when they were good they were very good and when they were bad etc. At 50 million plus an extortionate wage package it will be an expensive but entertaining journey to see how it pan's out.

Ironically Torres may turn out against his former employers this Sunday at Stamford Bridge and after Dean Sturridge also scoring on his debut for Bolton last night after having been used all to sparingly for Chelsea, the pressure is on Fernando already before he's taken to the pitch. He may feel He Walks Alone for a while to come, well him and his paycheck!

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