Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dungarvan - Redeveloped Rail Tracks Cycling/Walking Paths

Yesterday was a day of firsts for 2012 the bicycle came out from an all too early seasonal retirement, and this combined with a unexpected notion to film something (maybe the Golden Globes and approaching Oscars?) led to the first post in a long time where I have pressed finger to keyboard as it were.

The re-development of the Waterford Lismore and Dungarvan Railway has been a long time coming and still proves to be a controversial project with the area of track directly following on from the above video falling directly behind a residential area where it seems opinions are divided over the merits of whether this is an improvement to overall security for those living in the area due to improved lighting or something of a loss of privacy as the tracks have been so dramatically cleared to accommodate the work. Somewhat a Catch-22 for residents.

However ,on the plus side those wishing to stretch their legs, walk the dogs or cycle around some of the most beautiful views that Dungarvan and Abbeyside/Ballinacourty has to offer then this is definitely the right place. Traversing the tides accompanied by a sea breeze invigorating you along the way it's reminiscent of a double ended pier allowing you to take in a panorama from Cruachan to Ring and Helvick. We are blessed to have this on our doorsteps and hopefully this work can only encourage others to come and experience what our town has to offer.

For more thorough and historical details of the Railway from inception to demise I recommend to you Waterford and Suir Valley Railway's web page and also AskAboutIreland.IE where there is a goldmine of information

Though I very much doubt I'll be meeting with Ricky Gervais at the Globes or parading the red carpet at Cannes anytime soon, I thought the outcome worthy enough for public perusal and the results have set me thinking of future projects....hopefully a video of how the track became buried under tonnes of dog shit won't be one of them. Pick it up people!!


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