Sunday, February 20, 2011

Irish Windsurfing - GPS Records Fall in Dungarvan!


Video of Irish Speedsailing Champion Oisín van Gelderen breaking all Irish records while sailing in Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Feb 2011.

Speeds achieved:
Irish GPS Speed Record for 10 sec run: 45.02 knots

500m: 43.96 knots
5 x 10 second average: 44.26knots
Peak Speed: 46.34knots

These are the fastest speeds every achieved by any Irish sailor on Irish waters, though Oisín's highest ever peak speed is 47.17knots on a speed course in the UK.

The Diary congratulates Oisin on his achievements and a great video too. Dungarvan is becoming world known for the speed strip and hopefully with record breaking speeds like this the sport will only continue to grow locally. Another sport I have never tried but did witness an event a couple of years ago when after we had great winds for weeks, the weather decided to change dramatically and not even a breeze was available to competitors.

Hopefully we can post up more details of any upcoming events this year and make more people aware of another positive for Dungarvan.

Want to know more?  Read Oisin's Blog Here

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the video.

It's also available on Vimeo, with all my other videos:

Also on MPORA:

The International reaction to the video has been great, with and many now want to come over and try the speedcourse, as it's firmly on the world stage as a record potential course. Hope to be back soon.