Monday, February 7, 2011


The horses continued their way around, jockeys bypassing the fence where one of their own, young Jack Tyner lay being attended to by the medical staff at the course and those closest to him.  Unfortunately he passed away this morning in Cork, all too young at 19.

I had attended the Point To Point last Tuesday in the company of a few friends and with a view to writing a review for The Diary, but after leaving that day it just didn't seem to sit right when not knowing how young Jack's condition was.

After falling at the fence directly in front of the stands the race continuing was not unusual, but felt cold with an air of guilt about it, as children's eyes were averted by anxious parents and the crowd volume dropped, the occasional heckles and calls of the bookmakers rang through the frosty air.

Horse Racing along with many sports has plenty of dangers, and they rear their ugly head all too often, but the love of the game is a powerful drug to those involved and the day when we turn up to have a bet or cheer them on shows only a tiny percentage of what trainers, stable staff and of course the brave jockeys put themselves through repeatedly prior to the horse even making it to the track.

The race goes on albeit a jockey (and son) light, and we should never forget just how much is at stake.

R.I.P Jack Tyner

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