Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fit As a Flea - Albeit a Slightly Overweight One

Well I come back to the keyboard today after having completed a good walk around Ballinacourty  a beautiful part of Dungarvan (edit; Abbeyside), very enjoyable too, even when a friendly dog latched on for the trip, always a heartwarming moment that, until 200 yards on you realise that he may have no intention of returning home at all and that you may then have to feed, walk and house the blighter till he decides another adventure beckons.

The legs felt it and a little perspiring took place, think that's what it's called, at least it was the last time it happened, though that was pre 21st Century.  Tomorrow heading out again and hope to jog a bit of it. Bit being the optimal word, though feeling good about the undertaking (probably not the right expression!)

A proper walker in every sense is Kate Veale who is now making her mark both locally, winning the Pat Noctor Trophy for a third consecutive year, and internationally with the World Junior Racewalker record over 3,000m at only seventeen. Often out training in all weathers here's hoping that she advances further on the international stage in the near future and garners more success.

All weathers is exactly what we are getting at the moment, one moment like spring blue skies, little cloud and then an upsurge in the wind and the rain begins to fall, but it does not deter people.  Passing Colligan yesterday I surely saw 10 walkers, and 4 runners out though the rain was coming down hard.  Fair play to them.  And again in town a number of cyclists were on the beat squinting their eyes to avoid them a lashing.  Could I rebrand swimming goggles for cyclists? MMMmmmm?

Talking of rebranding, I am having a think of the structure of the blog, it's feeling a tad haphazard at the moment, and I may have a daily posting structure, Event Review Sunday, Monday Club Of The Week,  Local Sports Event Preview Wednesday, etc, along with my own progress in getting in a bit of shape. Like a bet? I think I will try to throw in my views on a sporting event over each weekend on a Friday as well keeping the running total of winners and losers updated for the year.

Whatever's decided I'll update things here a.s.a.p.

Dungaran Diary You Tube Channel now ready for launch (well, as soon as I do a video and upload it obviously).

Slainte Mhaith.

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