Thursday, February 17, 2011

Duathlon and Logistical Parking

I accidentally came across a Duathlon taking place last Sunday over in Clonea that started and finished in front of the Clonea Strand Hotel.  The Diarist was out for a stroll/jog along the old railway tracks and then descended to the beach, all this before 9.a.m very impressed with myself I must say.  It was a grand morning blue skies and shining sun but the swell of the ocean was enough to have encouraged two lads to don the wetsuits and take out the surfboards, that's another "yet to experience" added to the list.  It really is a beautiful area and sitting at home in front of the t.v or p.c just helps you forget how lucky us resident in this area really are with the abundance of natural resources for recreation.

Some of course are fully aware of this fact and I'd say there would have to have been over 100 competitors in the duathlon, and around 20 supporters, cheering them on as they completed the first 5k run and clambered into the seats of their bicycle as fast as their ever tiring legs could get them and the pedals taking their first rotation on the 20k cycle, before throwing down the bike and repeating the run, or if it was too much just ordering a taxi.

I noticed that the hotel gym was also busy that morning, maybe a quick workout or swim before mass, but not because I looked in there but because of the number of cars parked along side the side entrance to the leisure centre on double yellow lines.  Now I'm only starting out but isn't the point of an expensive gym membership to get one fit.  And let alone driving probably less than a mile to workout, they then totally ignore the numerous empty spaces in front of the hotel, cause a traffic hazard and look like prize numpties in the process and all because they can't be arsed to walk an extra 30 yards. Unbelievable!  Maybe some kind of "Lazy Fecker" sticker could be introduced, clamp the car and make them walk 5 miles to get it released, no charge, and the exercise they get from that means they can cancel their membership saving money into the bargain, everyone's a winner!  Either that or the hotel should consider providing members with a small outboard motor before they embark on their swim to lessen the effort.

There's a couple of pics of the duathlon in the photo's section, shame I didn't get video for the new Diary You Tube Page but was not prepared, won't be long though.  I have moved the Weekend Bet and treble to it's own page also as it really shouldn't be part of The Diary, business and pleasure and all!

Talking betting, the Cheltenham Festival Preview night is on this Sunday in the Park Hotel, starting at 7:30 p.m.  It was great crack last year and the information given by those present was excellent.  Again jockeys Davey Russell and Andrew Tinkler will be in attendance and tickets are 10 euro (including a 5 euro free bet) available from Paddy Powers, Dungarvan.  Funds raised go to a local GAA club so come along and get the inside track on the greatest race meeting of them all.

Off to do a little weights, but then again their in the room next door! Anyone give me a lift?

Slainte Mhath.

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