Saturday, February 5, 2011

(Lack of) Progress Update

Separating the task of writing the blog and actually achieving the aim of participating in the activities needed to improve my flagging fitness is so far proving too much.  At least my fingers have got plenty of exercise battering the keyboard to produce the words you read today.  It's a start (defends self vigourously) but the fact that I have begun to see the plethora of clubs and events on in the area has been enjoyable and inspiring.

Inspiring not just to myself I add but to those closest to me.  As I sit here in front of the monitor The Diarist's partner is doing some weights and climbing the stairs with aplomb after having restarted a walking programme in the week, the irony of it, but great that something positive is afoot in the household in these times of recession.

I think it was attending the Dungarvan 10 Mile race last weekend that sparked this change of heart seeing all the efforts of over 1100 people around the local streets I suppose could do nothing else, and we both look forward to attending more of the same possibly a Dungarvan Rugby Club match next and I am aware of a Boxing event in March taking place in Dungarvan Sports centre where Katie Taylor (an Irish World Champion) and the local lads of Dungarvan Boxing Club take on a Chinese team preparing for next years Olympic Games. This would be my first boxing event and of course I will write up a preview in the near future hopefully visiting the Club as part of the experience.

Thanks to my first follower on Twitter (you know who you are) and as I take another drag on a cigarette and keep up to date with my Fantasy Football Team, it becomes all to apparent that the challenge of getting in shape is very much a reality that no amount of typing is going to achieve.

Calories burnt on this post - 5 and a half.

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