Friday, February 4, 2011

Dungarvan Hillwalking Club - Mangerton

"Move any mountain" a much used pep talk quote and dodgy 90's number one by The Shamen could also be a motto applied to the brave and hardy souls of the Dungarvan Hillwalking Club who this weekend I see are planning to head to County Kerry to tackle An Mhangarta (Mangerton) known as The Long Haired Mountain on Sunday morning.

Formed in 1995 the club now has an impressive 150 masochists members locally and seem to have an endless range of peaks to conquer. Mangerton is the 25th highest of Ireland's mountains at 839m above sea level and can be seen from Killarney's High Street where the shoppers and early season tourists will be blissfully unaware of the distant specks of bright rainjackets ascending the summit to be welcomed by stunning views of the lakes.

The Diarist has experienced these views before, but generally from binoculars and warm, air conditioned passenger seat of a car, surrounded by a throng of tourist buses and traffic, somehow I think it does not compare, let alone the environmental impact.

Good Luck to all travelling and hope the weather treats you well and The Diarist eagerly anticipates to participate in an event later this year.

Further details of Sundays exertion excursion 

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