Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Irish Election Posters

"All your stupid ideals
Got your head in the clouds
You should see how it feels 
With your feet on the ground."
Useless by Depeche Mode.

I was walking last week when the discussion turned to the posters absolutely plastered all over Dungarvan (and the whole country no doubt), and was asked "What purpose do they serve?, it's not like it will affect my vote!" 

I had to agree, but said I was sure that they must work on some subliminal level that only becomes apparent when we enter the polling booth. The Fine Gael posters for example feature candidates in front of a brutally computer enhanced "holiday brochure" sky that in this rather inclement period of Ireland's history reminds me of watching The Holiday Programme with Judith Chalmers, you'd feel great for half an hour as if you were there on the beach, but when the reality set in the blues returned and that unaffordable vacation returned to your dreams. I can only hope that the FG candidates are not as false as the "little fluffy clouds" behind them and that really they are informing us that they are in fact some ethereal race of angels or an army of valkyrie (valkyrjur) descending from the skies to save our ailing nation.

I am sure that their marketing company is hoping for just that effect, as they count the cash, if any of you are reading let me know what the pitch was. 

And as for the Fine Fail Posters..............

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