Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can't Hit the Beach.....? Hit the Past!!

Kilgreany Cave :: Prehistoric Waterford

The summer weather has, as yet, decided to delay it's arrival around the Dungarvan coastline so if the beach is not offering it's usual temptations, visitors and locals alike may look to other pastimes to occupy themselves.

The Prehistoric Waterford website I stumbled upon offers a fascinating insight into the County's past and details a number of historical monuments and landmarks that can be added to any "to do" list especially for when the weather may be a little inclement, and of course the bonus is that they are all free.

As stated in the report a human skeleton found here was dated older than 9,000 B.C which would make it from the Stone Ages (or Keith Richards), when Clubs did not have flashing lights and copious amounts of body hair were a pre-requisite. I would imagine the rent on the place was fairly reasonable as well.

So as we keep the bucket and spade on standby why not take in some of the more unusual sights around us, it's educational, cheap and the cave would provide shelter from any of the wet stuff.

This particular site is practically part of farmland so it is advised you ask the landowners for permission before you venture into this prime real estate of our past. Many other monuments with maps, photos and directions are available on the site just click the link above or here.

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Unknown said...

this is 9,000 BC or older .than how is this not though in are school books .