Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Tale of Two Tyres

Winter generally makes The Diarist a very sedentary animal, almost a hibernation you might call it when my body somehow averts itself too the stresses and strains of exercise, but it must be said that starting this diary has inspired an awakening, and an approach to the garage was made this morning to reignite an old relationship.........with my bicycle.

Not usually seen outside of temperatures above 20 degrees this was a touching reunion and the prospects of a glorious year of improved fitness and a record breaking Sean Kelly Tour performance were bright, that is until I saw the front wheel where a blister that had been forming over some length of time had taken it upon itself, in some kind of rebellion, to expand dramatically and explode leaving a crater size hole in the rubber. It was like a spurned lover gaining revenge "Oh yeah you need me now don't you!" I could hear it mock, "Well all this time you paid me no attention so f..k you!" I kind of felt I deserved it.

The repairs won't be happening today as attending Dungarvan Point To Point and unfortunately the only spare tyre I have is heavily weighted to my midriff and will remain there for the time being.  But it was close to being the start of the mission and I will inform you when the first pedals are pushed.

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