Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Waterford County Council Worker's Protest Dungarvan - Unite

An emergency meeting of Unite members of Waterford County Council (including workers from Dungarvan Town Council) was called late yesterday evening after it emerged that two colleagues were suspended yesterday afternoon following difficulties with the implementation of restructuring measures which are regarded by staff as a threat to job security. Four more staff were rumoured to have been suspended this morning.

Many Still Angered As Household Charge Deadline Approaches

This Saturday 31st March sees the (first) culmination of two long drawn out Campaigns regarding the Household Charge, the efforts to implement it, and conversely those to prevent it.

I have personally spoken to many people in the Dungarvan area in the last few weeks, and attended meetings both in Town and in Waterford City as well as followed each move from both sides as the "battle" intensified.