Monday, January 31, 2011

Quantum Life Dungarvan 10 (A Supporter's Review)

After the disappointment of the second abandonment of the Point to Point on Saturday all attention turned to the Dungarvan 10 Mile Road Race on Sunday afternoon where the hosts West Waterford Athletic Club  staged a fantastic event that saw 1,050 cross the finishing line anxiously checking the clock above their heads for the confirmation of a new P.B (or not!).

Venturing out to witness the race for the first time and offer some support to the competitors I lodged myself and flask of tea (a little luxury) just up from the 9 mile marker which was just cresting the final climb that led to the finishing straight where the knowledge of hitting home would inspire even the most aching limbs towards one last big effort, whether the inspiration could be converted into energy is a dilemma that The Diarist will leave to the Sports Scientists.

Arriving just in time for the Steward to begin his pre - race entertainment program, starting with Trex  and Children of The Revolution we eagerly awaited the first of the runners to take the turn off the Youghal Road and into the country after 2.5 miles and we didn't have to wait long as the three main protagonists appeared at 1:09p.m and some way ahead of the rest of the field. Tactics had been finalised and as current record holder Sandis Bralitis had decided to be the hare setting a furious pace but two stuck with him on either shoulder. The race was on and so was Marc Bolan again as the CD got stuck.

Seeing the swarm of competitors was a great sight to behold, and I could feel an entry to next years race being on the agenda, but that's next year so I poured myself a cuppa.

The variety of running styles on show was incredible, arms up or arms down still or flailing around wildly endangering fellow competitors, shuffling feet, high knees and even a couple of Radcliffe-esque head rollers all passed by with a gritty determination in their eyes as if challenging the very tarmac they trod.

In what seemed like no time at all the remainder of the field had taken the turn on their way to miles 3 -10 and we awaited the leaders on their return and wondered who would appear first, had someone burst clear or were they still packed waiting for the moment to apply a kick?  I should say at this stage that around 15 - 20 supporters were at this point and I couldn't help but think a few more could have made it out for the afternoon to cheer the event on.

A figure appeared at the beginning of the long drag up towards us, alone, the sun blinding us from seeing the colours clearly a second figure around 150 yds behind him. The tea was put down and a glove removed as I readied the camera and click Mareks Floroseks filled the frame of the viewfinder. Travelling well and seemingly in command from this point he ran the last mile in 4:47 his fastest of the race no less and broke the tape in 49:26:42 a full 42 seconds of the previous record which was also beaten by the second place Sergiu Ciobanu ahead of Sandis.

The camera at this point chose to flash its battery warning and pack in so apologies as I could only get the first four in the race pictured especially hard luck to Phillip Harty whose return to form in 5th was not captured by The Diarist's lens. The pictures are now up in the Photos section, so be sure to take a look later.

Congratulations to the triumphant Lady Siobhan O'Doherty (new record by 0:59 secs), all category winners and competitors and I hope my cheers, hand clapping and words of support were not to off putting, though one lady almost lost it as I shouted an encouraging "DIG IN!" in her direction..................

I hid behind the flask.

Well done to all the organisers, stewards and those providing refreshments, see you next year.

An excellent and all together more serious review is here at West Waterford Athletics Club

Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Tale of Two Tyres

Winter generally makes The Diarist a very sedentary animal, almost a hibernation you might call it when my body somehow averts itself too the stresses and strains of exercise, but it must be said that starting this diary has inspired an awakening, and an approach to the garage was made this morning to reignite an old relationship.........with my bicycle.

Not usually seen outside of temperatures above 20 degrees this was a touching reunion and the prospects of a glorious year of improved fitness and a record breaking Sean Kelly Tour performance were bright, that is until I saw the front wheel where a blister that had been forming over some length of time had taken it upon itself, in some kind of rebellion, to expand dramatically and explode leaving a crater size hole in the rubber. It was like a spurned lover gaining revenge "Oh yeah you need me now don't you!" I could hear it mock, "Well all this time you paid me no attention so f..k you!" I kind of felt I deserved it.

The repairs won't be happening today as attending Dungarvan Point To Point and unfortunately the only spare tyre I have is heavily weighted to my midriff and will remain there for the time being.  But it was close to being the start of the mission and I will inform you when the first pedals are pushed.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quantum Life Dungarvan 10 Mile

A stunning entry list of 1260 competitors will this Sunday descend upon Dungarvan for the 20th running of the Dungarvan 10 Mile Road Race.  Just the sort of event that the Diarist should be aiming to compete in although maybe a little soon yet as the Xmas pounds have yet to fall away!

A nationwide field (including many of our own West Waterford A.C), all with differing levels of expectations, will bound around the town's parameters in the  hope of beating Personal Best's, Course Records or simply to complete on the road to greater targets. The Diarist will be in attendance to witness the event and cheer on the athletes who depart from the Youghal Road at 13:00 and encourages readers (if not entered) to do the same.

The "carrot on the stick" for the elite of the field will be to claim 1st place and and a place in the history book of the event, oh....and the 400 euro for winning either Men's or Ladies Categories, decreasing amounts are offered for all in the Men's Top Ten and Ladies Top 6, a little differential there and The Diarist can quash any late rumours suggesting that Richard Keys and Andy Gray will be commentating on the race...Smashing! Team prizes, age categories, juniors and wheelchair competitors also have prize classification making it a highly competitive day all round.

Current Dungarvan 10 Record Holders -

Men's........................ Sandis Bralitis (West Waterford AC) ........50.08
Ladies...................... Rosemary Ryan (Bilboa AC) ......................57:27

List Of Entrants

The Diarist wishes the best of luck to all those competing and of course the efforts of everyone involved in arranging and marshalling the event, hopefully next year I'll be a contender!! Be sure to call back next week for a review of the event.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Empty Pages To Fill

A new diary always begins with empty pages and so the pen (or keyboard in this case) is preparing to apply it's first ink to the virgin first page of this Dungarvan Diary under the guidance of a first time Diarist. A delicate procedure!!


It should perhaps be pointed out that this small corner of the blogosphere refers to Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland, the apple of the Deise's eye. Though of course all are welcome to enjoy (or not) the musings of someone with too much time on their hands and access to a computer.

I will venture to keep you reading (and me writing), and hope to discover more about what's happening in and around "town" for myself in the process. Along the way there will be laughs, tears, ridiculously long and unexplained gaps between posts and general musings on the world and all the variety within.

Looking forward to the Dungarvan Point to Point after it has been provisionally rescheduled for this Saturday 29 January 2011 after last Sunday's postponement due to the state of the ground. Have always enjoyed the event on the occasions that I have attended whether wet or dry (that's in reference to the weather by the way). Be prepared for both if you are attending first time and dust down the wellies, don the hat and gloves and go pick a winner. Hope for this to be my first event that the Diary will report back on and please do feel free to suggest any events coming up in the future for the Diarist to savour.

This is a journey into Blog..................Alllllllll Aboarrrrrdd!